About Us

Integrity | Personal Service | Quality Products | No-nonsense, Reliable Communication

These are the pillars of our business.

{d}mystifying technology
Donaldson Technology Integrations was founded in 2012. Our singular goal is to do more of what we've been doing informally for over 15 years – helping and serving people – by {d}mystifying technology.

Geeks within reach
We are the approachable guys next door that you can depend on to listen to your technical problem and deliver a solution. We identify opportunities and solve problems – quickly, painlessly, and without making you feel uncomfortable for not knowing the solution or tackling it yourself. There are good reasons to call in reinforcements.

Chris Donaldson
He is the consulting, design, software & training guy. His strengths – communicating and relating to your needs; creating value-added products; managing results-oriented, customer-facing implementations and services.

Chris spent 10+ years in business – with a very rewarding 8+ years at BAI in programming, technical, and management roles – ultimately responsible for managing technical, production, and training teams. He is now a teacher by trade. With certifications in Engineering and Industrial Technology, Business Education, and German – You can be sure that he can speak to your interests and break things down a number of ways to ensure your understanding.

Yes, there are others. We rub elbows with a strong network of folks who can help you enhance your home or business network, create top-notch content, produce videos, and more. We do not outsource; we share their pricing with you (and do not take a cut), plug them in if you like, and manage their project completion within the agreed upon time frames.

Curious how all this sets the stage for delivering your product, service, or training? Just ask. We are passionate about what we do – utilizing our skills and talents to empower others.

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